Our Story

We believe that feeling whole and nourished is key to living an active life.

Our philosophy is that being able to consistently nourish your body with healthy and delicious food day in, day out is far more effective in achieving your goals than unsustainable dieting practices.
Our mission is to help our active, on-the-go community get the most out of their bodies by putting only the best food and fitness products in front of you, to keep you feeling good so that the time you save can be better spent getting after your goals.

Our Promise

What we do pack into every box is put to the test in three areas: nutritional balance, taste, and ingredients – and that the contents of our boxes will make you feel good.
Our promise to you is to never include products with artificial nasties, choose local and socially responsible brands first, and to have personally tried and tested everything to make sure they pass the test when it comes to fuelling your engine.  

Women supporting women to lead their best active and healthy life.

Growing up in the 'waif era' it wasn't cool to be a strong, tall and athletic teenage girl. Despite my love for all the sports and all the activities – running, surfing, touch football, water polo, swimming – I hated my body and in later years began yo-yo dieting with an 'exercise to eat' mentality.
I've been through long endurance sessions barely eating anything, I've done 8 week challenges, Intermittent Fasting, Keto, 5:2, low carb, the list goes on. Needless to say I never did find that silver bullet that got me the results I wanted in a sustainable fashion.
It literally took years to understand how to fuel my body to support the work I was doing, instead of working to eat – I was training harder, recovering better and had more energy to put the work in. Being happier, healthier and more energetic I constantly think about what I would say to my 16 year old self, knowing what I know now. How many years and moments had I wasted feeling miserable about my body?
I created Never Not Hungry as a way for active people to send healthy and nutritious gifts to their active friends. However it is quickly evolving into something bigger – our boxes are about treating ourselves and being kind to our bodies by fuelling them instead of starving them, and enjoy the good things life has to offer instead of obsessing over our weight! 
My vision for Never Not Hungry is to help change the conversation around weight and food, and act as the remedy to our deeply ingrained weight-loss and dieting culture. Because after all, our bodies are pretty damn amazing and life is too short to diet.
Beth x